Table of Contents - Overcoming Apartheid

About the Author
Preface and Acknowledgments

CHAPTER 1 Does Truth Lead to Reconciliation?

CHAPTER 2 Apartheids Legacy in Contemporary South Africa: Experiences, Attributes, and Attitudes of the Sample

CHAPTER 3 South African Collective Memories

CHAPTER 4 Interracial Reconciliation

CHAPTER 5 Truth, Reconciliation, and the Creation of a Human Rights Culture

CHAPTER 6 Tolerance: The Minimalist View of Reconciliation

CHAPTER 7 Judging the Fairness of Amnesty

CHAPTER 8 The Legitimacy of the Political Institutions of the New South Africa

CHAPTER 9 Lessons for South Africas Future and for the World

Appendix A: The Design of the Survey
Appendix B: The Questionnaire