Table of Contents - White Lies

Foreword by Per Wästberg
Preface: Two men came to lunch
1 John Collins: Churchill’s ‘dupe’
2 Acts of defiance
3 Collins in South Africa: ‘ the most pleasant madhouse in the world’
4 High treason
5 Sharpeville
6 Fire the Canon!
7 The ‘odd bodies’ of Amen Court
8 Armed struggle and Rivonia
9 Round one to Pretoria: the ANC and the Eastern Cape
10 Enuga Reddy and the UN Trust Fund
11 The Swedes
12 Rock bottom: the banning of Defence and Aid
13 Cut-outs and noble Lords
14 The ‘white lie’
15 The Imam and the Dean
16 Welfare Le Carré style
17 Stephanus and Eileen
18 An old man in a hurry
19 A failed coup: Craig Williamson and the IUEF
20 Around the world
21 Letters from elsewhere
22 Kith and kin
23 Death of the Canon
24 Passionist postbag
25 Total onslaught
26 Close down
27 Where are they now?
References and other sources
List of letter writers