Table of Contents - Chasing Credentials and Mobility

List of figures and tables

Chapter 1 The conceptual and empirical approach
The research impetus
Appropriating a conceptual framework
An empirical study of private higher education
Introducing the fifteen cases

Chapter 2 Tracing origins and history
A broad historical sweep
Private higher education at the turn of the millennium
The three trans-national cases
The four franchising college cases
The six technical and vocational education and training cases
The corporate classroom
Pathways to the establishment of private higher education institutions

Chapter 3 Exploring demand: contemporary vision and identity
Internationally recognised, career-oriented quality education: the trans-national and franchising college cases
Practical workplace preparation and extending opportunity: the TVET and corporate classroom cases

Chapter 4 Exploring student demand
Target group and admission policy
Using student profiles to analyse demand
Analysing student articulations of demand

Chapter 5 Engaging with the dimensions of finance and governance
Orientation, ownership and sources of funding
Collaboration agreements and relationships with the higher education sector

Chapter 6 Engaging with private sub-sectors
Different forms of private provision
A diversified response
New terms of engagement