Table of Contents - Education in Retrospect


Chapter 1
Michael Young and Andre Kraak

Chapter 2
Educational Reform in South Africa (1990-2000): An International Perspective
Michael Young

Chapter 3
Rethinking Education Policy Making in South Africa: Symbols of Change, Signals of Conflict
Jonathan D. Jansen

Chapter 4
Progressivism Redux: Ethos, Policy, Pathos
Johan Muller

Chapter 5
Human Resource Development Strategies: Some Conceptual Issues and their Implications
Michael Young

Chapter 6
Policy Ambiguity and Slippage: Higher Education under the New State, 1994-2001
Andre Kraak

Chapter 7
Reflections from the Inside: Key Policy Assumptions and How They have Shaped Policy Making and Implementation in South Africa, 1994-2000
Ihron Rensburg

Chapter 8
Macro-Strategies and Micro-Realities: Evolving Policy in Further Education and Training
Anthony Gewer

Chapter 9
The Implementation of the National Qualifications Framework and the Transformation of Education and Training in South Africa: A Critique
Michael Cosser

Chapter 10
Developing Skill and Employment in South Africa: Policy Formulation for Labour Market Adjustment
Ian Macun