Table of Contents - Empowerment through Economic Transformation

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List of Contributors
Preface and Acknowledgement

Chapter 1 Empowerment and Transformation in South Africa
Meshack M. Khosa

Chapter 2 South Africa and Globalisation
Oumar Bouare

Chapter 3 Globalisation, Economic Crisis and South African Vulnerabilities
Patrick Bond

Chapter 4 Post-Apartheid South Africa: An Overview of International Economic Relations (1994-1999)
Logan Rangasamy

Chapter 5 Interest Group Participation and Democratisation: The Role of the National Economic Development
and Labour Council
Gregory F. Houston

Chapter 6 Towards an Institutional Framework for Managing Agricultural Export Trade Promotion
Meshack M. Khosa

Chapter 7 First Employment Experiences of Graduates
Percy Moleke

Chapter 8 Poverty Alleviation, Employment Creation and Sustainable Livelihoods in South Africa
Asghar Adelzadeh, Cynthia Alvillar and Charles Mather

Chapter 9 Tracking South Africas Spatial Development Initiatives
Christian M. Rogerson

Chapter 10 Towards a Framework for Rural SMME Development in South Africa
Christian M. Rogerson

Chapter 11 The Politics of Water Management: The Case of the Orange River Development Project
Tony Emmett and Gerard Hagg

Chapter 12 Drought and Floods in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Patrick Bond and Greg Ruiters

Chapter 13 Public Appraisal of Social and Economic Infrastructure Delivery
Meshack M. Khosa

Chapter 14 Public-Private Partnerships, Public Infrastructure Investment and Prospects for Economic Growth in South Africa
Tjiamogale Eric Manchidi and Andrew Merrifield

Chapter 15 Rethinking Gender, Empowerment and Development
Miranda Miles

Chapter 16 The Empowerment Challenge: Not Yet Uhuru?
Meshack M. Khosa