Assessment Technologyand Education Evaluation

Dr Anil Kanjee
DEd, University of Massachusetts
Education assessment techniques, policy development and school improvement strategies
Corporate Services

Ms Roshani Rampersadh
BSc, University of Natal
BCom, University of South Africa

Financial, business, human capital and information management
Child, Youth and Family Development

Professor Linda Richter
PhD, University of Natal
Child and youth development as applied to health, education, welfare and social development
Democracy and Governance

Professor Roger Southall
PhD, University of Birmingham
MA, University of Manchester

Political studies, labour analysis,
development strategy and policy assessment
Employment and Economic Policy Research

Dr Miriam Altman
PhD, University of Manchester
Employment policy, industrial development and labour market policy
Education Policy Research

Dr Mokubung Nkomo
DEd, University of Massachusetts
Education policy development, especially international comparative education, multi-cultural education and the political economy of education in South Africa
Human Resources Development

Dr Andre Kraak
DPhil, University of the Western Cape
Labour markets and economic analysis in relation to technical and higher education and skills development
Integrated Rural and Regional Development

Mr Mike de Klerk
MA, University of Cape Town
Rural development policy, land issues and agricultural economics
Knowledge Management

Dr Michael Kahn
PhD, University of London
Policy analysis, project design and evaluation in science and technology
Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS and Health

Dr Olive Shisana
ScD, Johns Hopkins University
HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and transformation of health care systems
Surveys, Analyses, Modelling and Mapping

Dr Udesh Pillay
PhD, University of Minnesota
Urban and political geography, local government reform and economic development, and electoral geography
Social Cohesion and Integration

Professor Wilmot James

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Comparative race relations, democratic politics and migration patterns