Education and Social Change in Post-Apartheid South Africa

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Changing Class: Education and Social Change in Post-Apartheid South Africa provides a compelling analysis of key developments in this dramatic era of change in South Africa. One of the few books to examine the broad sweep of educational change in the first decade of democracy, its authors review everything from spending patterns, decentralisation, school integration and private schooling to language policy, curriculum and assessment, teacher education, teacher unions, as well as early childhood education, youth development and adult education.

A mix of leading scholars and exciting new writers, the authors show how closely the shape of education is interwoven with that of society. The big picture that emerges is that, even as the overall intention of post-apartheid policy-makers has been to reconcile the interests of unequal and competing social classes and races, the interests of a new, deracialised middle class have come to dominate in formal education. This is despite the strengthening of teacher unions and the fact that movements in adult education and related spheres are re-emerging with a revitalised emancipatory agenda.

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Linda Chisholm

Chapter 1 The development challenge in post-apartheid South African education
Haroon Bhorat

Chapter 2 Balancing public and private resources for basic education: school fees in post-apartheid South Africa
Edward Fiske and Helen Ladd

Chapter 3 ‘Constituting the class’: an analysis of the process of ‘integration’ in South African schools
Crain Soudien

Chapter 4 Educational de/centralisation and the quest for equity, democracy and quality
Suzanne Grant Lewis and Shireen Motala

Chapter 5 The new face of private schooling
Jane Hofmeyr and Simon Lee

Chapter 6 Multilingualism and education
Thobeka Mda

Chapter 7 Political change, curriculum change and social formation, 1990 to 2002
Ken Harley and Volker Wedekind

Chapter 8 Assessment, qualifications and the NQF in South African schooling
Johan Muller

Chapter 9 The case of teacher education in post-apartheid South Africa: politics and priorities
Yusuf Sayed

Chapter 10 Teacher unions, policy struggles and educational change, 1994 to 2004
Logan Govender

Chapter 11 Changes and continuities in South Africa’s higher education system, 1994 to 2004
Jonathan D Jansen

Chapter 12 Don’t bite the hand that feeds you: South African education NGOs in a period of change
Seán Morrow

Chapter 13 The state of play in early childhood development
Kim Porteus

Chapter 14 Youth development in transition, 1992 to 2004
Margaret Perrow

Chapter 15 Adult basic education and social change in South Africa, 1994 to 2003
Ivor Baatjes and Khulekani Mathe

Chapter 16 The education business: private contractors in public education
John Pampallis

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