Democracy SA: Evaluating the 1999 Election
Muthien, Y
145mm X 210mm
Out of print
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Since 1994 the HSRC has conducted public opinion surveys to determine shifting patterns of support and perceptions of social issues and democracy. These surveys are conducted on a randomly selected national sample of 2 200 adults. In addition the HSRC also conducts election studies. The 1999 election presented the HSRC with a number of opportunities: first, to assist the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to ascertain the number of voters in possession of bar-coded ID documents; second, to measure the shift in public perceptions and support in the run-up to the election; and third to conduct the first ever exit poll, evaluating the freeness and fairness of the elections as well as the efficiency of the electoral machinery.

Table of contents:
  • Introduction: Evaluating Democracy and the 1999 Election in South Africa - Yvonne Muthien
  • Democratic Consolidation in South Africa, 1994-1999 - Yvonne Muthien
  • The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC): The Quest for Free and Fair Elections - Johan Olivier
  • Election Day Exit Poll - Michael O'Donovan
  • Eyes on the Ground: Fieldworker Observations - Stephen Rule
  • Assessing the 1999 Election Machinery: Views of Political Parties, and Other Stakeholders - Richard Humphries
  • Voting in Action: Focus Group and Workshop Findings - Meshack Khosa
  • Outcome of the Election - Stephen Rule
  • Conclusion: Exercising Democratic Citizenship Through Voting: policy implications - Yvonne Muthien and Meshack Khosa