Education, Employment and Skills in South Africa

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The first in a series of biennial reviews, this comprehensive study by the HSRC’s Research Programme on Human Resources Development (HRD) defines key education and training, labour market and macro-economic indicators in South Africa.

Examining socio-economic and political contexts, as well as the demand, supply and scarcity of skills, this vast volume of research gives a comprehensive assessment of HRD trends. Along with its companion web-based data warehouse, it is an invaluable, user-friendly resource for policy-makers, planners, managers and educators at both national and institutional levels.

The review concludes from all this data that HRD challenges are cross-sectoral and advises government to develop versatile, inter-departmental policies to successfully address human resource development in South Africa.

Table of contents:
Human Resources Development and 'Joined-Up' Policy - Andre Kraak

Overview of the South African Economy - Anna McCord
Overview of Industrial Policy - Miriam Altman & Marina Mayer
The Skills Requirements of Specific Economic Sectors - Pundy Pillay
Employment and Labour Market Trends - Anna McCord & Haroon Bhorat
The Informal Economy - Richard Devey, Caroline Skinner & Imraan Valodia
The Social and Human Development Context - Debbie Budlender
The Impact of HIV/AIDS - Jocelyn Vass
Science Policy Indicators - Nelius Boshoff & Johann Mouton
Skills Migration - Tracy Bailey
International Benchmarks - Debbie Budlender

Public Expenditure on Education - Russell Wildeman
Public Schooling - Helen Perry and Fabian Arends
Public Further Education and Training Colleges - Glen Fisher, Ros Jaff, Lesley Powell & Graham Hall
Public Higher Education - George Subotzky
Independent Schooling - Jacques L du Toit
Private Further Education and Training - Salim Akoojee
Private Higher Education and Training - George Subotzky
Enterprise Training - Azeem Badroodien

Scarce Skills:
Forecasting the Demand for Scarce Skills, 2001-2006 - Ingrid Woolard, Phillip Kneebone & Deborah Lee
Educators - Luis Crouch & Helen Perry
Academics - Charlton Koen
Medical Practitioners and Nurses - Elsje Hall & Johan Erasmus
Engineers and Technicians - Grovè Steyn & Reza C Daniels
Biotechnologists - David R Walwyn
Managers - Frank M Horwitz & Angus Bowmaker-Falconer
ICT & Associated Professionals - Percy Moleke, Andrew Paterson & Joan Roodt
Human Resources Development and the Skills Crisis - Andre Kraak