Infrastructure mandates for change 1994-1999
Khosa, MM
150mm X 220mm
In print
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This book, Infrastructure Mandates for Change 1994-1999, as does its accompanying volume, Empowerment through Service Delivery, appraises infrastructure policy since 1994.This volume focuses on the transformation of infrastructure policy in South Africa since 1994, particularly those relating to water, health, land, electricity, housing and transport.

A wide range of sectors is examined within the dynamic fluid policy context. An enormous amount of energy, time, money and effort has been exerted to transform infrastructure policies, which were designed to disempower the majority of people, into infrastructure policies designed to empower the majority through establishing equity in infrastructure and service delivery. The central message emerging from this insightful critique is that transformation in infrastructure policies has been uneven, and had a differential impact on different groups of beneficiaries.

Table of contents:
  • List of Figures
  • List of Boxes
  • Graphs
  • List of Tables
  • List of Contributory
  • Preface
  • Acronyms
  • Chapter 1: Infrastructure Mandates for Reconstruction / Meshack Khosa
  • Chapter 2: Transformation in Infrastructure Policy from Apartheid to Democracy: Mandates for Change, Continuities in Ideology, Frictions in Delivery - Patrick Bond, George Dor and Greg Ruiters
  • Chapter 3: Gender, Development and Infrastructure - Debbie Budlender
  • Chapter 4: The Role of the Construction Industry in the Delivery of Infrastructure in South Africa - Andrew Merrifield
  • Chapter 5: Financing of Public Infrastructure Investment in South Africa - Andrew Merrifield
  • Chapter 6: Municipal Infrastructure Services: A Planning and Pricing Model for Capital Investment - Geoffrey du Mhango
  • Chapter 7: Restructuring the Health Services of South Africa: The District Health System - David McCoy
  • Chapter 8: Basic Port Infrastructure in a Changing South Africa - Van Niekerk
  • Chapter 9: SMME Infrastructure and Policy in South Africa - Christian Rogerson
  • Chapter 10: Economic Restructuring and Local Economic Development in South Africa - Etienne Nel
  • Chapter 11: Social Impact Assessment of Development Projects - Meshack Khosa
  • Chapter 12: Re-thinking Infrastructure Policies in the 21st Century - Meshack Khosa
  • Index


    “Meshack Khosa has brought together the key figures working on empowerment and service delivery and this book, in its scope, sophistication and rigor, represents one of the most important contributions to the debates over the achievements of and challenges confronting the 'new' South Africa. A book which deserves to be read widely in and outside of academia."
    Prof Micheal Watts
    Director of Institute of International Studies
    University of California, Berkeley, Calafornia, USA

    "The writing style (of both volumes) is very clear and readable. Empowerment through Service Delivery and Infrastructure Mandates for Change 1994-1999 make a valuable critiacal contribution which will be well received by academics, students and practitioners."
    Prof Brij Maharaj
    Professor and Head of the Department of Geography,
    University of Durban-Westville, South Africa