Remuneration of Graduates
Roodt, J
297mm X 210mm
In print
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Since 1971 the HSRC has regularly monitored the income of university graduates. This is the fourteenth survey in the series. The sample was drawn from the HSRC Register of Graduates, the most comprehensive source of names and addresses of graduates residing in South Africa.

Table of contents:
  1. Background and aim
  2. Survey group
  3. Explanatory remarks
  4. Analyses and findings
    • Median income and percentage distribution of graduates working full time according to employer
    • Composition of the survey and respondent group
    • Median income of graduates working full time as employees in the public sector according to occupation
    • Median income of graduates working full time as employees in the private sector according to occupation
    • Median income of full time self-employed graduates, according to occupation
  5. INDEX: Alphabetical list of occupations

Joan Roodt is a senior researcher in the Employment and Economic Policy Research Programme within the HSRC, which focuses on the crucial areas of employment creation and the development of South Africa’s human resources. Its priority is to support the government’s HRD strategy from the ‘demand’ side by providing data on the demand for labour in South Africa and to analyse the impact on job creation of such factors as national and sectoral policies, globalisation and technological change, and the increasing demand for skilled as opposed to cheap workers. Other research priority areas include the special human resources needs of the informal sector and of small, medium and micro-enterprises.