Social cohesion in South Africa within an age of globalisation
Chidester, Dexter & James
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September 2003
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What holds us together when everything seems to be pulling us apart? Leading intellectuals from business, organised labour, community organisations, government structures and academic institutions examine the effects of a whole range of crosscutting global forces on local forms of identity, coherence and cohesion. Examining contexts as varied as fruit pickers and multinational corporations to human rights movements and the dynamics of global citizenship, the authors illustrate ways in which globalisation is experienced in local transactions of social identity.

Moving well beyond issues of economic and political hegemony, this compelling book merits close attention from anyone interested in the wide-ranging effects of globalisation on South Africa.

Table of contents:
Contents include chapters on:
The Importance of Political Tolerance for Fostering Social Cohesion
Cultural Justice: The Pathway to Reconciliation and Social Cohesion
Labour, Globalisation, and Social Cohesion in South Africa
The Poverty of Work and Social Cohesion in Global Exports: The Case of South African Fruit
Together and Apart: African Refugees and Immigrants in Global Cape Town
Building a Better World: Methods to Counteract the Destructive Forces of Globalisation are to be found in the Positive Aspects of the Process of Globalisation
The Family and Social Cohesion
Grounding ‘Globalisation from Below’: ‘Global Citizens’ in Local Spaces
Human Solidarity in Postcolonial, Holocaust, and African-American Literature
Globalisation, Identity, and National Policy in South Africa

Edited by Dr David Chidester, Phillip Dexter and Professor Wilmot James of the HSRC’s Social Cohesion and Integration research programme.