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An African Peace Process Mandela, South Africa and Burundi
Confronting the Region: A profile of southern Africa
State of the Nation: South Africa 2004-2005

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An African Peace Process
Mandela, South Africa and Burundi
Kristina A Bentley; Roger Southall

This monograph outlines the origins and nature of the conflict in Burundi. It discusses the problems of establishing democracy in a region where ethnic conflict has occasioned genocide, traces the peace process in detail and assesses the prospects for the future.

210mm x 148mm
R 120.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2090-7

An Audit of HIV/AIDS Policies
In Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe
Nompumelelo Zungu-Dirwayi; Olive Shisana; Eric Udjo; Thabang Mosala; John Seager (eds.)

This comprehensive research study is one of the first to scientifically review and make recommendations on  HIV/AIDS policy, legislation, financing and programme implementation in the six Southern African countries of Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

280mm x 210mm
R 80.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2066-4

A Comparative Analysis of the Financing of HIV/AIDS Programmes
In Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. October 2003
H Gayle Martin (For SAHA Research Programme)

This research monograph compares mechanisms for the financing of HIV/AIDS programmes in these six sub-Saharan countries. It aims to assess their ability and readiness to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The report presents a brief synopsis of the economic context of each country and determines whether health and HIV/AIDS expenditure is adequate.

280mm x 210mm
R 100.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2050-8

Confronting the Region:
A profile of southern Africa
Sanusha Naidu; Benjamin Roberts

This profile provides an understanding of the main developmental and institutional challenges that confront southern Africa. The authors highlight the political, economic and social conditions in the region and identify common trends. The paper also reviews the progress made in the promotion of greater regional integration.

210mm x 148mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2060-5 (IRRD 8)

A Description Selected Interventions for the Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe
Funded by the WK Kellogg Foundation
Phetsile K Dlamini

As part of a funded project to develop and implement an intervention project focusing on orphans and vulnerable children, this research monograph documents the author's observations of existing interventions in three Southern African countries. It includes a SWOT analysis of the sites visited and an assessment of the outcomes of such interventions.

275mm x 215mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2065-6

The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Interventions for the Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe
A literature review of evidence-based interventions for home-based child-centred development
Anna Strebel

This occasional paper provides an overview of evidence-based interventions for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing particularly on home-based services. Examples of projects in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe are detailed. Common principles of best practice that emerge from an assessment of these projects are highlighted.

209mm x 149mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2056-7 (SAHA 1)

Environmental Education, Ethics & Action in Southern Africa
EEASA monograph
Johan Hattingh; Heila Lotz-Sisitka; Rob O'Donoghue (eds.)

Environmental practitioners provide insight into environmental progress and challenges in diverse African contexts. Case studies and contributors from South Africa, Malawi, Uganda, Angola, and Zimbabwe focus on issues of environmental management, sustainable development, nature conservation and environmental journalism.

275mm x 207mm
R 120.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2001-X

Family and Community Interventions for Children Affected by AIDS
Linda Richter; Julie Manegold; Riashnee Pather

This research monograph forms part of a project to implement a strategy for the care of orphans and vulnerable children in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Based on more than 400 documents, the report reviews the available information on interventions aimed at children, families, households and communities. An annotated bibliography is included.

280mm x 210mm
R 135.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2067-2

Food Security and Sustainable Development in Southern Africa
Scott Drimie; Simphiwe Mini

Southern Africa experienced acute food shortages during 2002 and 2003. Against this background, the authors of this occasional paper investigate the issues around food security, assess the outlook for global food security and draw their conclusions accordingly.

210mm x 148mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2028-1 (IRRD 6)

Fragments of Democracy
Nationalism, development and the state in Africa
Gavin Williams

Originally presented as a lecture, this occasional paper argues that definitions of democracy are incomplete and their meanings dependent on their historical context. The author illustrates his premise with examples taken from throughout Africa and reflects on development and debt, class and politics, African nationalism, multi-party elections, citizenship and accountability.

210mm x 148mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2026-5 (D&G 3)

Identity? Theory, Politics, History
Volume 1 in the series
Simon Bekker; Rachel Prinsloo (eds.)

Nation-building and the politics of identity in post-apartheid South Africa is the focus of this collaborative publication. This book is the first of three companion volumes in a series that examines the role of ethnicity, religion, gender and language in forming national identity and strengthening democracy.

210mm x 148mm
R 140.00
ISBN: 0-7969-1916-X

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Land Rights
Case studies from Kenya
Michael Aliber; Cherryl Walker; Mumbi Machera; Paul Kamau; Charles Omondi; Karuti Kanyinga

Based on three village case studies from different parts of Kenya, this co-authored study explores the relationship between HIV/AIDS and land rights focusing on women as a socially vulnerable group. The study compares affected with non-affected households and HIV/AIDS emerges as a significant but not primary cause of tenure insecurity.

280mm x 210mm
R 140.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2054-0

Information: The foundation of sustainable development
Craig A Schwabe

This occasional paper proposes the development of an information framework for sustainable development in South Africa and sets out a global action plan. It discusses the country's ability to provide the information required to address actions stipulated in Agenda 21, a foundational document of sustainable development.

210mm x 148mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2078-8 (IRRD 7)

Limits to Liberation in Southern Africa
The unfinished business of democratic consolidation
Henning Melber (ed.)

This ground-breaking collection of essays on Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and South Africa opens a long-awaited debate on the transformation of some former liberation movements into authoritarian and elitist governments. Is authoritarianism built into liberation structures? Is it inherited from colonial systems? Is liberal democracy inherently elitist?

210mm x 148mm
R 200.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2025-7

Micro-Finance in Rural Communities in Southern Africa
Country and pilot site case studies, policy issues and recommendations

This report was prepared for the Integrated Rural Development Program (IRDP). It explores the demand for and access to financial services in three pilot sites in rural Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. The study examines developments in micro-finance, best practices in a rural context and key policy issues.

296mm x 210mm
R 105.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2000-1

Migration in South and Southern Africa
Dynamics and determinants
Pieter Kok; Derik Gelderblom; John Oucho; Johan van Zyl (eds.)

Coping with immigration and urbanisation in a rapidly globalising environment is one of the policy issues facing many governments, yet the complexity of migration makes it difficult for planners to understand its causes and plan for its consequences.

245mm x 175mm
R 190.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2113-X
October 2005

Multinationals on the periphery
DaimlerChrysler South Africa, human capital upgrading and regional economic development
Jo Lorentzen

Utilising the DaimlerChrysler human resources upgrade in one of South Africa’s least developed provinces as the basis, this is a well-developed case study of the relationship between human capital in host economies and international capital inflows. It describes how DaimlerChrysler upgraded human resources in its East London plant where the company manufactures the Mercedes C-Class model for export. Lorentzen explores the extent and depth of the upgrading along and beyond the automotive supply chain, and its repercussions on local education and training institutions. Finally, he analyses how foreign direct investment and local industrial development interact in the short and medium term, and hypothesises as to the possible longer-term outcomes in the absence of proper regional economic planning.

210mm x 148mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2131-8
February 2006

National Identity and Democracy in Africa
Mai Palmberg (ed.)

This is the third volume in the collaborative series, Identity? Theory, History, Politics. It focuses primarily on identity and nation building in Africa and includes cultural landscapes, power and conflict, literary critiques and discourses on the politics of nation building. Policy-makers, academics, postgraduate students and scholars will find this essential reading.

210mm x 148mm
R 155.00
ISBN: 0-7969-1901-1

Sexual Abuse of Young Children in Southern Africa
Linda Richter; Andrew Dawes; Craig Higson-Smith (eds.)

This volume is the first attempt in the region to grapple with the full complexity of  child sexual abuse in southern Africa. A range of experts present the facts, assess the depiction of the problem in the press, consider legal and policy responses and offer accounts of interventions in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

210mm x 148mm
R 195.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2053-2

Shifting African Identities
Volume II in the Series: Identity? Theory, Politics, History
Simon Bekker; Martine Dodds; Meshack M. Khosa (eds.)

This volume is the second in the series, Identity? Theory, Politics, History. It includes Neville Alexander's important study of the link between language and identity in South Africa. The other nine papers include studies of the process of identity construction in the southern African and Great Lakes regions, the Congo, Sudan and Nigeria.

210mm x 148mm
R 145.00
ISBN: 0-7969-1986-0

South Africa’s role in conflict resolution and peacemaking in Africa
Conference proceedings
Roger Southall (ed)

Since its transition to democracy in 1994, South Africa has become increasingly drawn into the resolution of conflicts and the promotion of peace and stability on the wider African continent. This has followed from the high reputation of its own negotiated settlement as a model for other conflict torn countries to emulate, the iconic status of Nelson Mandela as a master of reconciliation and forgiveness, and not least the sense in Pretoria that South Africa has a moral obligation to ‘repay’ Africa for the sins of apartheid and that it has some considerable capacity, military and economic, to do so.

210mm x 148mm
R 180.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2129-6
April 2005

State of the Nation: South Africa 2003-2004
John Daniel; Adam Habib; Roger Southall (eds.)

This volume is the first in a series by leading South African intellectuals on the state of post-apartheid South Africa. It provides insightful analysis of post-apartheid polity, political parties the state and civil society, race relations, land reforms and education, foreign relations, employment, unemployment and the changing nature of trade unionism.

210mm x 148mm
R 175.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2024-9

State of the Nation: South Africa 2004-2005
John Daniel; Roger Southall; Jessica Lutchman (eds.)

The second volume in a series by leading South African intellectuals on the state of post-apartheid South Africa, this publication provides a comprehensive and frank picture of contemporary South Africa. It includes critical insights into the state of the political parties after the 2004 election, race and identity, the economy and the state of employment, emerging patterns of business ownership and the effects of HIV/AIDS.

210mm x 148mm
R 180.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2086-9