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Democracy and Governance Review
Mandela's Legacy '94-99
Muthien, Y, Khosa, MM, & Magubane, B
382pp. | 0-7969-1970-4 | 175.00 | 2001

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Authoritarian regimes of various sorts have crumbled worldwide to give way to liberal constitutional democracies.
Prerequisites for the consolidation of the new democracies are regular free and fair elections, granting political parties legitimate authority and citizens protection by the rule of law. Participation in regular free and fair elections requires a robust civil society that is keen to protect individual freedoms and equality before the law and preserve diverse interests and a rich associational life.

Table of contents
Chapter 1 Consolidating Democracy and Governance in South Africa

Chapter 2 Race and Democratisation in South Africa: Some Reflections

Chapter 3 South Africa: A Transformative State?

Chapter 4 Democratising the South African State: The Challenge of Democratic Accountability and Public Sector Reform

Chapter 5 Reflections on Provincial Government in South Africa since 1994

Chapter 6 The Gauteng Legislature: The First Five Years

Chapter 7 Local Government in Intergovernmental Relations: The Northern Cape

Chapter 8 Resisting Ethnicity from Above: Social Identities and Democracy in South Africa

Chapter 9 Challenges of Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities

Chapter 10 Appraisal of the Culture of Governance in South Africa, 1994-1999

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