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South African Social Attitudes
Changing Times, Diverse Voices

Udesh Pillay; Benjamin Roberts; Stephen Rule (eds.)
240mm X 168mm
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South African Social Attitudes - Entire eBook
Udesh Pillay; Benjamin Roberts; Stephen Rule (eds.)

South African Social Attitudes - Prelims


Issues of democracy and governance
John Daniel, Roger Southall & Sarah Dippenaar

Voting behaviour and attitudes in a post-apartheid South Africa
Sanusha Naidu

Multicultural national identity and pride
Arlene Grossberg, Jaré Struwig & Udesh Pillay

Identity and race relations
Marlene Roefs

The happy transition? Attitudes to poverty and inequality after a decade after democracy
Benjamin Roberts

Slipping through the Net: digital and other communication divides within South Africa
Zakes Langa, Pieter Conradie & Benjamin Roberts

The ‘vexed question’: Interruptions, cut-offs and water services in South Africa
David Hemson & Kwame Owusu-Ampomah

What do South Africans think about education?
Mbithi wa Kivilu & Seán Morrow

A healthy attitude?
Chris Desmond & Gerard Boyce

Partner violence
Andrew Dawes, Zosa de Sas Kropiwnicki, Zuyhar Kafaar & Linda Richter

Rights or wrongs? An exploration of moral values
Stephen Rule & Bongiwe Mncwango

The state of the people
Mark Orkin & Roger Jowell

South African Social Attitudes - Appendices