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From Conflict to Negotiation
Nature-based development on South Africa's Wild Coast
Robin Palmer, Herman Timmermans & Derick Fay

297mm X 210mm | 334pp. | 0-7969-1992-5 | R220.00 | March 2002

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The 1992 Rio Earth Summit introduced several new approaches to environmental management as sustainable development. One of these has conservationists admitting that it is impractical and unethical to exclude resident communities from protected areas. The alternative approach highlights social justice and economic empowerment. It recognises humans as part of the local ecology, and finds sustainable ways to maintain local livelihoods along with biodiversity.

About the authors
Christo Fabricius has a PhD in conservation biology from the University of Cape Town. He is head of the Environment Science Programme at Rhodes University, and previously worked as a research associate in the International Institute for Environment and Development in London. He has 12 years experience as a nature conservation scientist in the Eastern and Northern Cape Provinces, South Africa.

Derick Fay is currently writing his PhD in sociocultural anthropology and lecturing at Boston University. In 199899 he was visiting scholar at Rhodes Universitys Institute of Social and Economic Research while conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Hobeni, one of the Dwesa-Cwebe communities.

Fonda Lewis holds a Masters degree in environment and development from the University of Natal. She was previously employed as a chief researcher at the Human Sciences Research Council. She is currently a project manager for the Natural Resource Management Programme at the Institute for Natural Resources in association with the University of Natal.

Kamal Naicker holds a BA degree from the University of South Africa. He was previously employed as assistant researcher at the Human Sciences Research Council. He is currently a planner at the Monitoring and Evaluation directorate of the Department of Land Affairs.

Robin Palmer has a DPhil from the University of Sussex. He is associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at Rhodes University, and has collaborated with the Institute of Social and Economic Research in several previous research projects in the former Ciskei and Transkei.

Herman Timmermans studied Environmental and Geographic Science at the University of Cape Town. He is based at the Institute of Social and Economic Research, and is actively involved in a number of initiatives directed at reconciling conservation and rural development objectives.

Johan Viljoen holds a BA (Hons) degree in geography from the University of Pretoria. He is currently a researcher and member of Group Economic and Social Analysis at the Human Sciences Research Council.

List of Maps, Figures and Tables
Author Biographies
Robin Palmer, Herman Timmermans & Derick Fay

1 The Land
Herman Timmermans & Kamal Naicker
2 The Residents
Robin Palmer & Derick Fay
3 The Outsiders
Robin Palmer & Khayalethu Kralo

4 Competing for the Forests: Annexation, Demarcation and their Consequences c. 1878 to 1936
Derick Fay, Herman Timmermans & Robin Palmer
5 Closing the Forests: Segregation, Exclusion and their Consequences from 1936 to 1994
Derick Fay, Herman Timmermans & Robin Palmer
6 Regaining the Forests: Reform and Development from 1994 to 2001
Robin Palmer, Derick Fay, Herman Timmermans, Fonda Lewis & Johan Viljoen


7 Poverty and Differentiation at Dwesa-Cwebe
Derick Fay & Robin Palmer
8 Natural Resource Use at Dwesa-Cwebe
Herman Timmermans
9 Contemporary Tourism at Dwesa-Cwebe
Robin Palmer & Johan Viljoen

10 South Africa and the New Tourism
Robin Palmer & Johan Viljoen
11 Conservation and Communities: Learning from Experience
Christo Fabricius
12 A Development Vision for Dwesa-Cwebe
Robin Palmer, Derick Fay, Herman Timmermans & Christo Fabricius

Robin Palmer, Herman Timmermans & Derick Fay
Appendix A

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