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Limits to Liberation in Southern Africa
The unfinished business of democratic consolidation

Have former liberation movements in southern Africa become authoritarian and elitist governments who reward party loyalty and are hostile to '‘outsiders'?

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Human Resources Development Review 2003
Education, Employment and Skills in South Africa

The first in a series of triennial reviews, this comprehensive, user-friendly study by the HSRC Research Programme on Human Resources Development (HRD) defines key education and training, labour market and macro-economic indicators in South Africa.

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Sexual Abuse of Young Children in Southern Africa

The incidence of child sexual abuse in southern Africa is high enough to be seen as an assault, a war upon children. How do we begin to understand and respond to these levels of brutal violence against young children? And where do we begin to address the often appalling violence directed at children, even infants? Sexual Abuse of Young Children in Southern Africa tackles these and other challenging questions and offers constructive suggestions from a range of key players with diverse expertise. Among them are legal and policy researchers, child rights activists, clinical practitioners, social anthropologists and child development research specialists.

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Knowledge for Development

This first detailed critique of an important new fashion in the world of development aid is essential reading for development specialists and is certainly of interest to comparative educationalists. Knowledge for Development provides a detailed study of the most influential development agencies, including the World Bank.

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Flight of the Flamingos:
A Study on the Mobility of Research and Development workers

Can we keep pace with the global economy? Is our R&D workforce sustainable? What are the patterns of R&D inflow from the African continent? The HSRC Knowledge Management Research Programme partners with the CSIR in tackling these pertinent questions in this first South African study on R&D mobility.

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A Comparative Analysis of the Financing of HIV/AIDS Programmes
in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe

Southern Africa does not spend enough on HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment, according to this study, which calls for HIV/AIDS spending to be targeted and prioritised in a region hard hit by the epidemic.

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The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Land Rights
Case studies from Kenya

How is Kenya's high HIV infection rate impacting on land use and livelihood strategies? What is exacerbating the vulnerability of AIDS widows? This HSRC study, commissioned by the UK's Department for International Development and the FAO, identifies the personal and contextual issues.

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The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Health Sector
National survey of health personnel, ambulatory and hospitalised patients and health facilities, 2002

What can South African health facilities do to manage the increase in HIV/AIDS patients looking for clinical care?

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The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Interventions for the Care Of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe

A literature review of evidence-based interventions for home-based child-centred development

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Independent Publishers Group to distribute HSRC titles internationally

The Independent Publishers Group (IPG) will now represent and distribute the HSRC titles abroad. IPG will act as HSRC Publishers distribution agent in North America, Europe and Australia.

This holds great promise for the dissemination of our research, as our 'international titles' will be listed on online bookshops www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com, and will be distributed and marketed at numerous conferences in these territories.

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