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Intellectual Property Streetwise
What People in the Creative Industries need to know about Intellectual Property
Social Cohesion and Integration Unit
210mm X 148mm | 20pp. | 0-7969-2085-0 | 2004

The IP field is a complex one. The purpose of this booklet is to give general information only. More information will be available on the forthcoming Cultural Oservatory website (contact for details). As a second phase of the project we hope to develop specific guidance for authors, artists, musicians and other people working in the cultural industries.

If you have a specific problem we advise you to contact organisations in your sector, the goverment agency responsible for administering IP rights (CIPRO) or a lawyer specialising in a relevant area of intellectual property (contact SAIIPL to find one). See the end of this booklet for the relevant contact details.

What creative workers need to know about IP

Different IP mechanisms

Check your contracts

IP rights in different creative industries
Writing and Publishing
Film and Video
Music and Broadcasting
Art and Craft

General information