Why has HSRC publishing changed?

  • Research is our product. We generate knowledge partly funded by the public sector. We believe our knowledge should be available, affordable and easy to access

  • Our market is national and global government, business, NGOs and CBOs, and the academic community

  • Our market is increasingly 'wired' to the world wide web and digital information. Readers and researchers want to customise information to suit their needs - they often print a chapter or two rather than an entire book

  • We deliver quality, non-profit research products. Our commercial goal is purely to attract research tenders and to deliver. Publishing is not an end product, but an integral part of our research function. The HSRC, as a non-profit organisation, wants to circulate its research through its publications.

Will the HSRC still produce print publications?

  • We will still print books in small print runs.
  • At the same time, digital copies will be available in our digital library - which you can search at your leisure.
  • The choice is yours - order a print copy or download a digital copy. You can do both on our website.
  • If you choose a digital copy, you have even more flexibility. You can read on screen or you can download it to your computer and print your own free copy. If a print or electronic copy does not exist, you can place an for a print-on-demand (POD) copy at cost. POD orders can be tailored to your needs - order the entire copy or just the chapters you are interested in.

How do I order Digital HSRC Publications?

Several HSRC publications are in our digital library. Back editions are also being digitised. You can download them in part or in full - at no cost.
Or buy a printed book online. Simply click the 'buy' button on your screen. You can also buy a bound PDF version of out of print texts. They look exactly like the finished book, down to the page numbers.

What terms and conditions apply?

Once you register and agree to our terms and conditions, you have access to our digital library. Our agreement protects the moral rights of the HSRC as author. The terms also control the use of HSRC content in other publications.

How do I find what I am looking for?

Go to search and simply type in a keyword(s) on your chosen subject. You can also browse through a list of all titles available online. If you want to find a particular author, title, or subject (for example public administration, development or health), you can also use the search button. You can also search within the contents of all the files in the digital library. Click here to search our digital library.

Can I print information? Or do I have to read it online?

You have a choice. Download an HSRC publication to your computer/printer or order a printed and bound copy (POD) through our e-commerce facility. POD charges are based on the costs of printing, handling and shipping the publication. Cost recovery rather than profit. We also have limited print stock for sale.