Ms Maxine Reitzes
MA, University of Sussex

D&G Civil society, migration, local governance and social transformation
Dr Marlene Roefs
DPhil, University of Amsterdam

D&G Public participation, political transformation, local governance and methodology
Dr Stephen Ruley
PhD, University of the Witwatersrand

SAMM Quantitative and qualitative surveys, elections, social development and public opinion
Dr James Sakwa
PhD, University of Pretoria

SCI Comparative genomics and molecular evaluation
Professor Leickness Simbayi
DPhil, University of Sussex

SAHA Biological aspects of psychology, applied health psychology, HIV/AIDS and traditional healing
Dr Donald Skinner
DPhil, University of Cape Town

SAHA Social aspects of HIV/AIDS, social and clinical psychology, qualitative and intervention research
Dr Hilary Southall
PhD, University of Birmingham

SAHA Social aspects of HIV/AIDS and health, operation research, health systems and statistics
Dr Grové Steyn
DPhil, University of Sussex

EEPR Industrial analysis, economic regulation, reform of infrastructure industries, energy policy and science and technology policy
Ms Jaré Struwig
MA, University of Pretoria

SAMM Surveys and research methodologies
Professor Leslie Swartz
PhD, University of Cape Town

CYFD Disability studies, culture and mental health, community psychology, psychodynamics and health care, and infant mental health
Mr Hilton Trollip
MSc, University of the Witwatersrand

KM Project direction and management
Dr Eric Udjo
DPhil, University of London

SAHA Statistical techniques and demography
Mr Johan van Zyl
BA Hons, University of Pretoria

IRRD Analytical demography, field surveys and data analysis
Dr Christine Varga
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

CYFD Reproductive health issues, adolescent sexuality, HIV/AIDS, gender-based abuse, mother-to-child HIV transmission and AIDS-related stigma
Ms Jocelyn Vass
MA, University of Manchester

EEPR Labour market analysis, income distribution, workplace changes and survey data analysis
Mr Cas Prinsloo
MA, University of South Africa

ATEE Assessment theory, education evaluation, psychometrics and research methodology
Ms Mariette Visser
BA Hons, University of Pretoria

HRD Education management information systems, education indicators and data analysis
Dr Ingrid Woolard
PhD, University of Cape Town

SAMM Poverty, inequality and labour markets