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Africa in the Age of Biology
The People's Voice The development and current state of the South African small media sector
The Subtle Power of Intangible Heritage Legal and financial instruments for safeguarding intangible heritage

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Africa in the Age of Biology
Wilmot James

This paper was presented as the first annual John Gerhart Memorial Lecture at the conference of the Africa Genome Initiative held in Cairo in March 2004. In Africa in the Age of Biology, Dr James discusses Africa's long history of scientific, technological and mathematical enterprise, from tokens of the very earliest counting by humans to the sum of knowledge brought to bear in the construction of the pyramids.

210mm x 148mm
R 55.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2073-7

The Architect and the Scaffold
Evolution and education in South Africa
Wilmot James; Lynne Wilson (eds.)

This publication brings together papers presented at the Colloquium on Science and Evolution in June 2002. Experts, curriculum developers, book publishers, teachers and religious scholars give their views on the moral, ethical, social, religious, educational and scientific implications of teaching evolution in South African schools.

230mm x 168mm
R 175.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2003-6

Changing the Fourth Estate: Essays on South African journalism
Adrian Hadland (ed.)

South African journalism has been fortunate in recent decades to have editors, writers and practitioners of the highest order working within its ranks. Some, like radio talk show host John Perlman and cartoonist Zapiro, are household names. Others are less well-known, but work quietly and effectively behind the scenes, bringing years of experience and skill to bear on their art. Until the publication of this book, few have taken the time to sit down and spell out the do's and don'ts of their particular specialty, gained often after a lifetime of trial and error.

240mm x 168mm
R 140.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2097-4
July 2005

Crossing Over: The Basics of Evolution
Workbook for Teachers
Edith Dempster

For thousands of years, people have asked the question “How did the world begin?” While many cultures and communities have a faith-based answer to this query, the theory of evolution supplies a science-based solution.

280mm x 210mm
R 160.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2119-9
November 2005

Every Step of the Way
The journey to freedom in South Africa
Written by Michael Morris; Commissioned and funded by the Ministry of Education; Compiled by the Social Cohesion and Integration Research Programme of the HSRC

In an extraordinary and engaging account this book traces the paths South Africans have followed from pre-colonial times to the democratic present, providing fascinating personal and historical details, and raising provocative questions about the choices, mistakes, contradictions and key themes in the emergence of the complex society that South Africa is today.

240mm x 168mm
R 115.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2061-3

Global Citizenship, Cultural Citizenship and World Religions in Religion Education
David Chidester

This paper examines the reasons for studying religion and the necessity for teacher, student, administrative or parental involvement in the process of learning about religious diversity. Chidester suggests that the study of religion and religious diversity can usefully be brought into conversation with recent research on new formations of citizenship.

210mm x 148mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2077-X (SCI 1)

Identity? Theory, Politics, History
Volume 1 in the series
Simon Bekker; Rachel Prinsloo (eds.)

Nation-building and the politics of identity in post-apartheid South Africa is the focus of this collaborative publication. This book is the first of three companion volumes in a series that examines the role of ethnicity, religion, gender and language in forming national identity and strengthening democracy.

210mm x 148mm
R 140.00
ISBN: 0-7969-1916-X

Intellectual Property Streetwise
What people in the creative industries need to know about intellectual property
Research Programme on Social Cohesion and Integration

210mm x 147mm
ISBN: 0-7969-2085-0

National Identity and Democracy in Africa
Mai Palmberg (ed.)

This is the third volume in the collaborative series, Identity? Theory, History, Politics. It focuses primarily on identity and nation building in Africa and includes cultural landscapes, power and conflict, literary critiques and discourses on the politics of nation building. Policy-makers, academics, postgraduate students and scholars will find this essential reading.

210mm x 148mm
R 155.00
ISBN: 0-7969-1901-1

The People's Voice
The development and current state of the South African small media sector
Adrian Hadland; Karen Thorne

This study provides an overview of relevant legislation in South Africa, pre- and post-1994, as well as a review of global trends in small media development. The report identifies interests common to small independent and community media groupings and examines ways to promote their sustainability.

280mm x 210mm
R 90.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2059-1

Protecting our Cultural Capital
A research plan for the heritage sector
Harriet Deacon; Sephai Mngqolo; Sandra Prosalendis

This occasional paper discusses the key outcomes from the on-going debate on a South African common heritage. The political transition of 1994 foregrounded the debate about who we are and what sites, memories or artefacts actually constitute our common heritage as South Africans.

210mm x 148mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2034-6 (SCI 4)

Reading Scientific Images
The iconography of evolution
Richard Mason; with Tony Morphet; and Sandra Prosalendis

200mm x 200mm
R 95.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2134-2
Nov 2005

Shifting African Identities
Volume II in the Series: Identity? Theory, Politics, History
Simon Bekker; Martine Dodds; Meshack M. Khosa (eds.)

This volume is the second in the series, Identity? Theory, Politics, History. It includes Neville Alexander's important study of the link between language and identity in South Africa. The other nine papers include studies of the process of identity construction in the southern African and Great Lakes regions, the Congo, Sudan and Nigeria.

210mm x 148mm
R 145.00
ISBN: 0-7969-1986-0

South African Social Attitudes
Changing Times, Diverse Voices
Udesh Pillay; Benjamin Roberts; Stephen Rule (eds.)

A country’s attitudinal profile is as much a part of its social reality as are its demographic make-up, its culture and its distinctive social patterns. It helps to provide a nuanced picture of a country’s circumstances, its continuities and changes, its democratic health, and how it feels to live there. It also helps to measure the country’s progress towards the achievement of its economic, social and political goals, based on the measurement of both ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’ realities.

240mm x 168mm
R 190.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2117-2
March 2006

Spinning Around
The South African music industry in transition
Randall Abrahams

This paper gives an account of the past and recent developments and the challenges facing the South African music industry today. It chronicles the transition stages of the different music tunes deriving from the early days of mbube sounds in the 1940s through to today's popular kwaito beat.

210mm x 148mm
R 50.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2020-6 (SCI 3)

The Subtle Power of Intangible Heritage
Legal and financial instruments for safeguarding intangible heritage
Harriet Deacon; with Luvuyo Dondolo; Mbulelo Mrubata; Sandra Prosalendis

This research monograph defines 'intangible heritage' as oral traditions, memories, traditional arts and rituals, languages and knowledge systems. It reviews the international legislative and financial tools to manage heritage resources and makes recommendations for safeguarding the intellectual property of communities.

280mm x 210mm
R 90.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2074-5

A Walk in the Garden of Eden
Genetic trails into our African past
Himla Soodyall

This paper addresses the contribution towards the generation of knowledge concerning the evolutionary history of mankind made by genetic approaches to anthropological questions.

230mm x 170mm
ISBN: 0-7969-2021-4

What Hold Us Together
Social cohesion in South Africa
David Chidester; Phillip Dexter; Wilmot James (eds.)

Leading intellectuals from business, organised labour, community organisations, government structures and academics examine the effects of a whole range of global forces on local forms of identity, coherence and cohesion. This compelling book merits close attention from anyone interested in the wide-ranging effects of globalisation on South Africa.

210mm x 148mm
R 200.00
ISBN: 0-7969-2030-3