Occasional Paper Series introduced

The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) Publishers has introduced a new occasional paper series as a means of disseminating information on the organisation's research output. The intention is to develop the series in conjunction with the Research Priority Areas (RPAs) of the HSRC and to brand the identity of each through the series.

The HSRC's Occasional Papers series are designed to be quick, convenient vehicles for making timely contributions to debates, disseminating interim research findings and otherwise engaging with the broader research community. Publications in the various series are, in general, works-in-progress which may develop into journal articles, chapters in books or other final products.
The production is cost-effective as the papers are printed on demand and are also available for download online via the website (www.hsrc.ac.za/publishing).

The occasional papers will retail at R32.00 each (excluding postage and packaging) - a special 2002/2003 price - through selected booksellers and the online bookshop.

The occasional papers are also available on subscription and you can complete this form to enter your subscription to future issues.