Service Enquiry
Service in the 21st Century

Service Enquiry
Service in the 21st Century
Author(s): Helene Perold, Susan Stroud, Michael Sherraden (eds)
245mm x 170mm
ISBN: 1-919833-56-0
R 180.00
Publisher: vosesa

Service Enquiry is a series published by the Global Service Institute, USA, in partnership with Volunteer and Service Enquiry Southern Africa (VOSESA), Johannesburg, South Africa.

The focus of Service Enquiry is on the latest developments in service policy and programmes, and on the impact of service on democratic values, citizenship and socio-economic development. Each edition seeks to develop new knowledge by analysing the experience of service and volunteerism in different parts of the world.

  Table of contents

PART 1:  Service and Volunteerism in the Global Context

Chapter 1

Civic Service Worldwide: A preliminary assessment
Amanda Moore McBride, Carlos Benítez, Michael Sherraden and Lissa Johnson (United States of America)


Chapter 2

The Post–Cold War Environment for National Service Policy: Developments in Germany, Italy, Russia and China
Susan Stroud and Tatiana Omeltchenko (United States of America)


Chapter 3

National Youth Policy and National Youth Service: Towards concerted action
William D Angel (Austria/France)


Chapter 4

Rethinking Community-Based Learning in the Context of Globalisation
Ahmed C Bawa (South Africa)


Chapter 5

Taking People Out of Boxes and Categories: Voluntary service and social cohesion
Arthur Gillette (United States of America/France)


Chapter 6

Senior Volunteers: Solutions waiting to happen
Elisabeth Hoodless, CBE (United Kingdom)



PART 2:  Service and Development

Chapter 7

Theoretical Perspectives on the Political Economy of Civic Service
Leila Patel (South Africa)


Chapter 8

University–Based Community Service, and Foreign Debt Relief and Sustainable Development
Victor Arredondo Álvarez (Mexico)


Chapter 9

The Impact of Service Projects on Micro-Enterprises in Mexican Marginalised Communities
Alejandro Mungaray Lagarda and María Dolores Sánchez Soler (Mexico)



PART 3:  The Language of Service

Chapter 10

What Should We Call 'Civic Service'? A Commentary
Ian Pawlby (United Kingdom)


Chapter 11

'Service' and 'Solidaridad' in South American Spanish
María Nieves Tapia (Argentina)


Chapter 12

Understanding 'Service': Words in the context of history and culture
Natasha Menon, Amanda Moore McBride and Michael Sherraden (United States of America) .



PART 4:  The Practice of Service

Chapter 13

Youth Service for Employment: The Umsobomvu Youth Fund initiative in South Africa
Penny Foley (South Africa)


Chapter 14

September 11, Service and Activism: A longitudinal study of American high school students
James Youniss and Edward Metz (United States of America)


Chapter 15

Developing Citizenship through Service: A Philippines initiative
Edna A Co (Philippines)


Chapter 16

Service-Learning in Argentina
María Nieves Tapia and María Marta Mallea (Argentina)