Dr Scott Drimie
PhD, Cambridge University

IRRD Regional land and rural development policies, food security
Dr Rènette du Toit
DLit et Phil, Rand Afrikaans University

EEPR Career psychology, vocational identity, skills development and labour market analysis
Dr Tony Emmett
PhD, University of the Witwatersrand

CYFD Social and development issues, youth risk behaviour, crime prevention, disability and participatory development
Dr Johan Erasmus
DPhil, University of Potchefstroom

EEPR Labour market research and skills development
Professor Melvyn Freeman
MA, University of the Witwatersrand

SAHA Mental health policy, traditional practitioners and youth
Ms Jeanne Gamble
MPhil, University of Cape Town

HRD Technical education and skills development, vocational knowledge, further education and training
Dr Mthobeli Guma
PhD, University of North Carolina

SAHA Anthropology and sociology related to HIV/AIDS, indigenous knowledge systems, traditional healing and maternal and child health
Professor Adam Habib
PhD, University of New York

D&G Politics, democratic transitions, state-civil society relations and institutional information
Mr Adrian Hadland
MLitt, Oxford University

SCI Media and society, democracy, governance and political economy
Dr Gerard Hagg
DLit et Phil, University of South Africa

SCI Infrastructure development in the arts sector, community participation in development, community water supply and arts service delivery
Ms Elsje Hall
MA, Rand Afrikaans University

EEPR Labour market trends, workforce needs, changes in the workplace, sector skills analysis and the impact of HIV/AIDS on the health sector
Dr David Hemson
PhD, University of Warwick

IRRD Public service delivery, social issues and policy impact assessment
Dr Gregory Houston
DPhil, University of Natal

D&G Political history, democracy and governance
Mr Richard Humphries
MA, Rhodes University

IRRD Sub-national government and public policy-making dynamics
Dr Mbithi wa Kivilu
DPhil, University of Alberta

SAMM Educational and psychological assessment, data management and statistical analysis and modelling
Dr Pieter Kok
DPhil, University of Pretoria

IRRD Regional human resource flows
Dr Glenda Kruss
DPhil, University of Ulster

HRD Higher education policy, responsiveness and change
Dr Jane Kvalsvig
PhD, University of Natal

CYFD Early child development, problems of children living in poverty: nutrition, parasite infections and early education
Mr Moeketsi Letseka
MEd, University of the Witwatersrand

HRD Higher education
Mr Kakoma Luneta
MA, University of Sussex

ATEE Mathematics and science education, teacher education and mentorship, and research methodologies in education and assessment