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  About HSRC Publishers

The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) of South Africa is a statutory social science research institution the largest in Africa. We play a leading role in the fourteen South African Development Community countries, and elsewhere in Africa.

Our researchers are our most valuable assets, researching identified social problems. Their capacity is extended locally, regionally and internationally through collaboration with peers in other science councils, tertiary institutions and research bodies.

Research is our product. HSRC Publishers is not an end product, but an integral part of our research function. As a non-profit organisation, we ultimately want to circulate our research publications as widely as possible. More about the HSRC ...

The HSRC moves to a digital publishing strategy

We are at the forefront of global research distribution. "Our hope," says Professor John Daniel, publishing director of the HSRC, "is that our digital library will contribute to the research and teaching efforts of others and that ideas may be shared through the website and by direct contact with HSRC researchers.

New electronic publications

A Walk in the Garden of Eden
Genetic trails into our African past
Himla Soodyall

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Democracy SA: Evaluating the 1999 Election
Household Survey 2002
Muthien, Y

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New Dictionary of South African Biography Volume 2
Edited by Nelly E. Sonderling
Foreword by Kader Asmal

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New publications

Food Security and Sustainable Development in Southern Africa
Scott Drimie and Simphiwe Mini

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Post-Apartheid Patterns of Internal Migration in South Africa
Pieter Kok, Michael ODonovan, Oumar Bouare, Johan Van Zyl

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Towards An Integrated Information Society Policy In South Africa
An Overview of Political Rhetoric and Policy Iniatives 1994-2000
Leo van Audenhove

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The Nelson Mandela/HSRC study of HIV/AIDS published in December 2002, found that 5.6% of children in South Africa between 2 -14 years old were HIV-positive. This was a cause of great concern for the investigators. Now the HSRC has developed a proposal to study these findings in greater depth. The study will investigate the role of the healthcare system, sexual abuse and other non-healthcare related events.
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South Africa recently hosted a Middle East peace-building initiative where some of our influential leaders shared ideas and experiences with civil society counterparts from Israel and Palestine. Author Heribert Adam shared his ideas on Peace-making in Divided Societies.
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The Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry, Mr Ronnie Kasrils, referred in his Parliamentary vote speech on 6 June to the figure of 10 million South Africans who had been affected at some point in the past by the disconnection of their access to water, disseminated last year in Cost Recovery & the Crisis of Service Delivery. The HSRC has clarified, in a letter to the Minister, that the figure over-estimates the phenomenon.
However, the extent and consequences of these disconnections by local authorities remains a serious matter of concern. The HSRC plans to conduct
further research for the Department to clarify the extent and the causes of the disconnection of basic water supplies to poor communities.
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